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What is it?

Polymer clay is fun and addictive.  It is probably the most versatile art medium of all.

This clay is a manufactured modeling compound, originally developed for making dolls.  As opposed to earthenware, polymer remains soft until it is heated in the oven (not a kiln).  The clay is a combination of PVC and pigment.  It bakes slowly at a temperature between 230 and 325 degrees fahrenheit.  After curing it can be sanded, drilled, and polished to produce a  durable piece of art.

How the Products are Made

Since Polymer clay is sold in small blocks of about 2 oz. or more, most artists use it for making colorful jewelry.  The material comes in so many colors you can just play with it forever.

 To make a cane you shape it into a rod, or loaf of clay.  When combining various colors together, a pattern is created.  When sliced, you will discover a beautiful design. You  can now cover beads, pens, vases, handles, or anything else you can think of.

Dollmaking is a different technique.  You start with an armature which is a metal support structure.  These  are the bones.  You can create true to life figures or use your imagination.

How I Began

I always loved art, but never really did much on my own.  As an adult I took an art class in figure drawing.  I was fascinated, and about 5 years ago I 

picked up a book about making figures in Polymer clay.  I tried it and  made the cutest little girl.  From there I discovered  many artists who had the same interest.

Today I have a library of "how to sculpt" books and lots of clay. 


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